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Finasteride Proscar is a medicine that inhibits the action of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, thereby inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Both testosterone and DHT have androgenic or masculine effects. With the latter, however, the androgenic effect is many times stronger. Decreased conversion of testosterone to DHT will therefore reduce the androgenic effects.

Finasteride Proscar has been internationally marketed since 1992. It is available by prescription under the brand names Proscar and Propecia. It is used for prostate complaints (without DHT, the prostate becomes somewhat smaller) and in a lower dose (1/5 to 1/15) for male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia. In both conditions, finasteride is administered to obtain a lower concentration of DHT in the prostate and scalp, respectively.

Male-type baldness is thought to be caused by a combination of hereditary factors and DHT. Under the influence of DHT, the growth phase of the hair becomes shorter and the hair becomes thinner. Finasteride masks the use of anabolic steroids; it is therefore a substance that is on the list of prohibited substances in sport. For example, in November 2007 Brazilian footballer Romario was caught using it. In December 2007, Spanish cyclist José Antonio Pecharroman was also found positive at a doping test.

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Known side effects of Finasteride Proscar are impotence (in 1.1% to 18.5% of users), lack of ejaculation (7.2%), decreased volume of the ejaculate (0.9% to 2.8%) , decreased libido (2.5%), gynecomastia (2.2%), erectile dysfunction (1.3%), ejaculation disorders (1.2%) and testicular pain. In addition, finasteride may also increase the risk of breast cancer. In addition to the desired effect, this drug may cause side effects. It is mainly known what side effects occur in men. Less is known about side effects in women. The main side effects are the following.

Rare (affects 1 to 10 in 100 people)

Impotence, less desire to make love and impaired orgasms, such as unable to orgasm or a reduced amount of seminal fluid. These side effects usually go away when you stop taking this medicine.

Very rare (affects less than 1 in 100 people)

Painful and swollen breasts, breast enlargement, breast cancer and infertility in men and painful testes. Liver disorders. You may notice this by a sensitive, swollen abdomen or a yellowing of the whites of the eyes or the skin. Then notify a doctor.

Hypersensitivity, you will notice this by rashes, hives and itching. Do not use this medicine any more. A very rare serious hypersensitivity can be seen in chest tightness or a swollen face. Then see a doctor immediately. You should not use this medicine in the future. Therefore, tell the pharmacy that you are hypersensitive to finasteride. The pharmacy team can then make sure that you do not get this medicine again.

Depressed mood and palpitations. If you notice this, contact your doctor.

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