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Oxazepam is a direct-acting sedative and helps reduce feelings of anxiety and tension. It also has an anti-convulsive effect. The peak in efficacy is reached after about 3 hours, and the drug works until about 6 hours after ingestion. 10 and 50 mg tablets are available. The 50 mg tablets are not quickly prescribed by a doctor as this is a very high dose.

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In alcohol addiction, this drug is sometimes used to reduce withdrawal symptoms, especially anxiety, nausea and sweating. Long-acting benzodiazepine is more preferred by physicians, as oxazepam has worked out fairly quickly.

Oxazepam is a sedative and belongs to the group of benzodiazepines. It is used for anxiety and sleep disorders. The medicine relaxes the muscles and makes you sleepy and drowsy. A course of this drug is also used to counter withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, such as sweating and shaking.

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It is best to use this medicine throughout the day, for example taking one tablet every 6 to 8 hours. The drug is also used in fear of flying, in this case it is recommended to take a tablet 2 hours in advance. If you use this medicine as a sleeping aid, you should take a tablet just before going to bed. A night’s rest of at least 8 hours is recommended to make the most of the effects.

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