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Flunitrazepam belongs to the benzodiazepines. It has a calming, muscle-relaxing effect and reduces anxiety. Doctors prescribe it for insomnia.

People speak of insomnia if someone has been sleeping badly for some time and therefore does not function properly during the day. Sleeping problems often arise from tensions or worries. But physical complaints such as pain or itching can also cause insomnia.

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If you come to your doctor with sleep complaints, the doctor will usually not immediately prescribe a sleep aid. The doctor will first try to solve the cause of the sleep complaints. For example with a pain reliever if you suffer from pain. Or with soothing advice if you mainly lie awake by worrying. Some of these advices are:

  • Exercise during the day or early in the evening.
  • Do something relaxing an hour before bed.
  • Don’t take naps during the day.
  • Keep a steady rhythm when you go to bed and get up.
  • Don’t take alcohol to sleep in.
  • Don’t take solid food two to three hours before bed.
  • Provide a quiet, cool bedroom and a comfortable bed.
  • Do not use the bedroom as a work, study or TV room
  • If sleep doesn’t work, get up and do something else in another room. Do not go back to bed until you are tired.
  • If these measures do not help or are not possible for you, the doctor may prescribe this drug for several days.

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Flunitrazepam has a muscle relaxing, soothing and drowsy effect. It promotes you to fall asleep. This drug is especially suitable if you have trouble falling asleep and if you expect to wake up frequently during the night.

You will feel sleepy and calm within fifteen to thirty minutes of taking it. Therefore, make sure that you are at home, that you no longer have to do complicated jobs and that you can easily reach your bed. The effect lasts at least eight hours.

This sleep aid only works well if you use it occasionally, for example every three days. With daily use, the effect decreases, because your body gets used to the effect.

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