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Zopiclone is one of the few sleep medications that doesn’t fall into the benzodiazepines category. This drug is mainly used for complaints of insomnia. The effect of Zopiclone is often compared to the Oxazepam in a milder version of this. This drug is often prescribed when people no longer respond well to the Temazepam because of the very fast effect. Due to the half-life of this drug, it is a very popular product, where many people benefit from a good night’s sleep. Also, do not take this medication more than three times a week. This will prevent the risk of addiction and reduce the effect of this product.

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Like most sleep medications, Zopiclone also falls under the category of drug with side effects. The most common complaint is that it can cause a bitter taste in the mouth or cause a dry mouth. Also, complaints such as flattening of emotions are experienced less often, which makes it difficult to realize happiness and gratitude. It is important to know that after taking this medicine, you should not drive a car for 24 hours. The use of this drug will greatly reduce the alertness in traffic and severely limit the ability to coordinate. This means that the product is very drowsy not only at night, but also during the day, which can hinder work. Always read the package leaflet before using this medicine so that you know what to take into account.

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Zopiclone works very quickly after ingestion, on average people experience half an hour after which the effect clearly occurs. It is experienced that a sleepy feeling occurs and body and mind relax. The average effect of this drug is about 7 hours. This medicine can be very addictive and should therefore not be used more than 3 days a week. If you exceed this dose, the body quickly becomes dependent on this drug and the sleep problems only get worse.

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