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Genotropin GoQuick Pen 12MG HGHGrowth hormones are important substances that, among other things, ensure bone growth and the functioning of vital body functions. For a healthy person, these body substances are self-evident. Unfortunately, this does not apply to everyone. About 1 in 10,000 Dutch people have been diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. The drug Genotropin ensures that they still have enough human growth hormone.

The pituitary gland is an important part of the human body. It is a gland near the brain that secretes all kinds of hormones. For example, it ensures the production of growth hormones. These contain a substance called “somatropin”. Thanks to somatropin, bones and muscles develop to a normal size in the human body. It is therefore a very important material for children. Unfortunately, the pituitary gland and somatropin production don’t always work 100 percent. In that case, the drug Genotropin offers relief. This produces the right amount of growth hormones.

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The pituitary gland also controls other organs that contain growth hormones, such as the thyroid gland. The hormones from the body part stimulate the metabolism, among other things. They also affect heart rate, digestion and body temperature. It is therefore important that this process runs smoothly. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. For example, individuals with thyroid problems experience weight gain, or weight loss. This then leads to other health problems such as a high risk of cardiovascular disease. By using the drug Genotropin you significantly reduce the chance of such health risks. It provides all the growth hormones you need.

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Genotropin is also usually administered by injection in adults. This is the best time because the body produces the most growth hormones at night. It is best to inject at the same time every night. Routine application reduces the chances of forgetting the drug. It is not a disaster if you forget it once. In that case, it is best to inject the dose of Somatropin at the same time the following evening. Either way, a double dose is out of the question, as it is dangerous to health. Many bodybuilders take it around 5 in the morning and then continue sleeping so that it works in the rest.

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