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Testosterone undecanoatete is a slow-acting synthetic capsule of testosterone form of the male sex hormone. It has a half-life of thirty days in the body with the enanthate ester. Usually this form of testosterone is injected once a week or twice a week by dividing it over the week. Testosterone is the best possible muscle mass builder available. Testosterone can convert to a form of DHT (androgenic side effects) but it can also convert to estrogen, which differs per person because every body reacts differently. The advantage of these side effects is that it has an extremely anabolic effect on the body, which greatly increases muscle mass and strength. The estrogen side effects result in increased growth hormone release in the body. Usually testosterone is converted to estrogen, therefore a combination of DHT products is a very smart combination, because this ensures maximum anabolic effect on the body. Testoheal testo capsules have the advantage that there is no need to inject.

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It is an androgenic steroid and is used in the medical world in men under treatment with a low testosterone level, it was originally also used for women as a treatment for breast cancer. The effect of the Testosterone is to help make the muscles bigger and stronger. It also has a tremendous effect on fat burning in the body and improved regulation of red blood cells. It helps improve protein synthesis in the muscles and expand the nitrogen atom.

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