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Diazepam also known as Valium is used for various disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety attacks, psychoses and epilepsy attacks. What this drug is called is psychotropic because of its calming effect. As a result, this drug can be widely used for various complaints where a soothing drug applies. For example, it is used for anxiety disorders to fear of flying and motion sickness. The effect of Diazepam causes nerve activity in the brain to be slowed down. The effect therefore occurs very quickly, this can be after half an hour, a drowsy to drowsy feeling is experienced.

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Like almost every drug, Valium also has side effects that it can bring with it. The most common is drowsiness and decreased coordination. Less common but also possible side effects that are rare are muscle weakness, a deteriorated picture or even delusions. For this reason, it is recommended to always keep the dose low and not to perform active activities such as exercising. What Diazepam can also strike on the eye is because it affects the action on the eye muscles. Some people also experience complaints during urination because of the weakened bladder muscle. The other does not suffer from this at all.

Another side effect that can occur is memory loss and loss of concentration while using Valium. So these side effects can be very annoying and only occur with too long consecutive use of this drug. The effect remains best when a short period is used.

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Diazepam can be used both as a sleep stimulant and a sedative. Watch the dosage because of the side effects that can occur when this drug is used during daily activities. Valium is therefore a very popular product among the benzo products on the market.

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