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Clenbuterol Sopharma 20mcg the effect is quite the same as that of Ephedrine. The difference is that Clenbuterol enlarges the airways and dilutes the mucus in the airways. This makes everything run faster and smoother, which ensures that one is in better condition and can perform better. Clenbutrol is still used in racing horses that have to perform well. In animals it has the same effect and can breathe better and perform better.

Because Clenbuterol did so well in animal studies, athletes have also discovered that this drug is an invention with many benefits. The study showed that this drug has anabolic effects with a huge fat burning boost which makes it very attractive for athletes who are very concerned with their appearance. In 2010, the well-known Alberto Contador was caught using Clenbuterol. He participated in the Tour de France where he also saw the benefit of the drug.

Clenbuterol is a Beta-2agonist that reduces your fat in two ways. What it does is simply raise your own body temperature and you’ll burn more calories throughout the day. Clenbuterol is also working on the Beta-1 receptor. When Clenbuterol adheres to this, fat burning is stimulated and fat is used as an energy source for fat breakdown.

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Because Clenbuterol does not work on our hormone system, this product is also woman friendly and very popular. Because Clenbuterol provides a huge burn and a more energetic feeling, it is very popular and it is most often used in the fitness world today. Performance clearly improves in the gym, but also outside you will see that the presentation is better because of the energetic feeling. It is very important when purchasing Clenbuterol that you have a pure product that had the correct content with the correct microgram ratio. We recommend starting with 20mcg which is half a Clenox tablet. Because we as a supplier only want to offer quality, you can expect that our products contain what they really indicate on the packaging! You have to take numerous tablets from many brands for a little effect of Clenbuterol. We sell Clenox from Malay Tiger which has been providing quality for years and pays attention to purity and quality.

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It is best to take Clenbuterol in the morning with breakfast because of the long effect that gives a lot of energy during the day. If you take it before sleep, it may be that this disturbs your sleep, which is not pleasant. Clenbuterol has an operating time of up to 35 hours. We recommend using Clenbuterol constructively and start with taking half a tablet every other day for 2 weeks. You can feel the doses slowly increase to the desired. For optimal results, we always recommend that you take a week’s rest after a 3-week active Clenbuterol use for optimal affect.

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