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Armodafinil is a chemically more pure and better variant of Modafinil. You need less to achieve the same effect, it lasts longer than normal Modafinil and it gives a calmer and more relaxed feeling compared to normal Modafinil.

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Waklert-150 is the best-selling Armodafinil in the world; a chemically purer version of Modafinil. It contains per pill 150mg Armodafinil of the highest quality and is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals. The standard for both beginners and advanced.

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Regular Modafinil is a mix of AR-Modafinil and ES-Modafinil. Armodafinil is only the “AR” part, without the “ES” part. Chemically it is therefore a purer form. Modafinil is older, Armodafinil is newer on the market. Scientists have only recently discovered that the “AR” and “ES” work slightly differently on the brain. The cognitive effects appear to mainly come from the “AR” Modafinil. That is why they have released Armodafinil separately.

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